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We want App developers to experience eye tracking technology with Eyedid(SeeSo) SDK.

  • Application is including any software application, website, product, service, and solution you develop with Eyedid(SeeSo) SDK.
  • Developer is any customers downloading SDK from and develop Applications with SDK.

This policy document is designed to help you provide quality eye tracking user experience and provide guideline to protect user's privacy. Please read this document carefully before developing with Eyedid(SeeSo) SDK.

Security of SDK


As an AI based technology company, we are aware how important user's personal information are. For this reason, our product development team has philosophy of privacy first. We assure all image processing is done within the user's device and we DO NOT store any image and video from camera, and any gaze data generated by SDK.

Camera Access

SDK request camera access ONLY to run eye tracking algorithm. We DO NOT store any images or videos from you and your end-user. SDK only runs after user approves to turn on the camera. Without the camera permission, it stops.

Authentication Information

We store information for SDK authentication in our server.

  • Operating system, mobile hardware type, and universally unique identifier of the user
  • Browser type, browser version
  • number of authentication call by registered package or web domain

Information is used for troubleshooting, SDK usage report, and product statistics.

All information is secure on our encrypted S buckets (AWS, Amazon Web Service), which can ONLY be accessed by our designated product manager and engineers.

Calibration Page API for Web SDK

We provide Calibration Page API for Web SDK. It collects user information to help build calibration process without extra development work. If you are planning to use this service, please refer our privacy policy first.

Use of Gaze Data

SDK generates maximum 30 gaze data in a second real-time. Its anonymous data which could predict user's behavior and attention in operation.

As SDK only takes role of data generating tool, you have responsibility to notify use of gaze data to your user.

Data on user's device

You MUST inform your user that there are no gaze data in and out from user's device, If your purpose of using gaze data fits one of follows:

  • Real-time gaze interacting function for casual use ( click, scroll, navigate the page etc )
  • Application that analyzes gaze data but not transferring any data from user's device

Data to separate server

You MUST create your own policy document about data use and get consent from your user before activating SDK, if you are planning on storing your user's gaze data for your Application similar to one of follows:

  • Gaze data related research, trial, test
  • Analyze gaze data on server-side for insight, report, algorithm improvement


Applications and developers MUST:

  • explain how Eyedid(SeeSo) SDK works and why it requests camera access
  • get end-user's consent before storing gaze data
  • comply with all applicable laws and legal requirements in all locations where it is made available to users

Please note that violation of this policy may result in banning you from using Eyedid(SeeSo) SDK or legal action by VisualCamp. You must provide reasonable proof of compliance with this policy.

Contact Us

VisualCamp designates the following person in charge of privacy policy in order to protect information of customers and deal with complaints from customers:

Yun Chan Suk

+82 70-7945-7799