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Version: Beta


About SeeSo Manage​

SeeSo Manage is a web platform for managing license key and payment of the SeeSo SDK.
You can also download SDKs from SeeSo Manage

Download SDK​

You can download SDK on various platforms.
See Also: supported environment

License Key​

You have to generate the License Key first before using the SeeSo SDK.

There are two types of License keys β€” Development Key and Productions Key.

πŸ’‘What is the difference between the Development Key and the Production Key?​
Development KeyProduction Key
PricingFree(Unlimited)Free until 10,000 sessions per month
Running EnvironmentDevelopmentProduction

More information about the Running Environment.

Generate license key​

Development Key

  • Development key is created automatically when you create the SeeSo Manage account.

  • Each user can have a single development key.

Production Key

  • Production key is created by entering the information about the application info.

  • For iOS, Bundle Identifier is required.

  • For Android, Package Name is required.

  • For Web, Base URL is required.

  • Each user can have multiple production keys.

Manage license key​

Development Key

  • You can reissue the development Key if you want.

  • Reissuing process will disable the previous development key immediately

Production Key

  • Activation

    You can use the toggle button to activate/deactivate the production key.

    The production session cannot be created with the deactivated production key.

  • IP Blacklist

    You can restrict specific IPs for each Production Key.

    IP should be written as CIDR Format (i.e.

  • Certificate Fingerprint (Android only)

    You can restrict the Android Production key to a specific Android application by providing a release Certificate Fingerprint.


You can find our pricing policy, expected charges, charging history, and payment methods at the payment page.

Cost Management​

You can check your remaining total production sessions, daily production sessions, and free production sessions on SeeSo Manage.

If you are using the Expert Plan, the expected charge and extra usage over the free production sessions will be displayed, as well as invoices.

Consider the Expert Plan if your service is big enough πŸ₯

SeeSo Manage provides a simple dashboard where users can check the SDK usage amount.

Usage only contains production sessions from the Production Key, not development sessions from the Development Key.

Customer Service​

Please contact the SeeSo team via Email if you need help.